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in their unit is heart wrenching. we are giving this our full attention. out of the 46 recommendations, 23 are fully implemented, 22 more will be implemented by november of this year and the final has been separated and has to do with shortening the length of basic military training itself and that's being reviewed. some of these recommendations have culpability to the entire air force and we're working into building them into the program into our air force leadership training at every level and into our investigative and legal processes. since becoming the chief of staff i've worked hard to express my concern with sexual assault and i've shared my thoughts with every level of our air force. they understand, especially our senior commanders understand that the american people trust us with their greatest treasure, their sons and daughters. they expect us to lead them with honor, to value each of them and to treat them as if they were our own. we do not have a greater responsibility than that. every air force commander must be actively engaged in this effort. if they don't, i consider them
the lord into the consequences of the united kingdom to leave the european union? >> i always, i always listen closely to what he says, and i'm a huge fan of his plans for an induction strategy. on issue of europe haven't always agreed. he was a leading proponent of britain joining the single currency and i've always been opposed to the. on issue of the referendum i gently remind my right honorable friend he was in that referendum was very much part of his manifesto of the last election. [shouting] >> in the interest of harmony i think we'll leave that to one side. >> mr. speaker, a constituent of mine with a chronic medical condition tells me that he is just 20 pounds a week to spend on food and clothing after paying his utility bills, and after april after the welfare cuts in april, he will just have to pounds a day. if the prime minister police we're all in it together, with the agreed to review the impact on the very poorest of the welfare cuts so that my constituents sacrifices are in line with his own? >> i will look very close to what the honorable gentleman says and the circumst
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2